Save thousands on your Google Cloud costs

Automatically clean up unused VM images and save big on your Google Cloud bill. Don’t pay for what you don’t use.
Analyze savings for free
Brendan Moore, CTO at Ballpark
We cut our cloud storage bill by $6000/year — Brendan Moore, CTO of Ballpark
Screenshot of the DeclutterGCP product
Screenshot of the DeclutterGCP product

Analyze your savings for free

Our system discovers the VM images you don’t use but are still paying to store. It takes minutes to get an analysis and you could save thousands.
Your image storage bill could drop by as much as 90% year over year.
Analyze savings for free
No credit card required
Connect to Google Cloud
Use IAM permissions to grant DeclutterGCP secure read-only access to VM image metadata from your Google Cloud project.
We'll analyze your usage
Our system will discover which VM images you’re paying for but no longer need.
Fine-tune our recommendations
Tweak the cleanup rules and sign-off on the recommendation when you're comfortable.
Shrink your storage bill
Watch your storage bill go down by as much as 90%

Simple pricing, unlike GCP

Our model is straightforward: we find you all the cost savings we can, and in return we ask for a percentage of the savings you recover. There’s no risk to you - we win when you win.

Risk free

We only get paid when you save, and always far less than you recover. The excess value is yours to keep.

We're on the same team

Our success is based directly on how much money we save you. And we want to be wildly successful.

Get started for free

You can run an analysis within minutes, no credit card needed.Analyze savings for free
What customers say
“Within minutes we’d found hidden cost savings. DeclutterGCP helped us reduce our costs for custom image storage by 90%.”
Brendan Moore, CTO at Ballpark
Brendan Moore
CTO of Ballpark

You can trust us

Security is not something we take lightly. If you have evidence of a security concern, please email [email protected] and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Limited data access

Our scanners need limited access to your Google Cloud project. You have full control over what we can access and can revoke access at any time.

Secure best practices

We employ security best practices throughout our dev and test process and take extreme care to keep access to our systems and credentials secure.

GDPR compliant

We’re fully hosted inside the EU and are compliant with data and privacy regulations, including GDPR.

How much could you save on your Google Cloud bill?

Analyze savings for free
No credit card required
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